Friday, 30 May 2014

Computer Says No - CRM Failed to Load

18:08 Posted by Elaiza Benitez ,
A CRM 2013 support case from one of our customers was raised and I investigated the error the customer was experiencing. When navigating to the Marketing List entity in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Outlook  Client, an error was being displayed.

Eeeek what do I do?!

As mentioned in my previous post, remain calm and find inner peace.

Inner peace, inner peace...
At first I thought maybe the error was being caused by one of our plugins so asked one of my ninja CRM developers to disable plugins one by one. No luck. Then I thought OK, let's test with another CRM 2013 On-Premise environment by navigating to the Marketing List entity. No error occurred. Eventually I found the cause and I have reported this behaviour to Microsoft. Hopefully it shall be resolved in the next CRM 2013 Update Rollup version. Other checks were then performed. This vlog outlines my investigation process of finding the cause and providing a workaround.


The workaround seen in my vlog is as follows,

1. Navigate to the Marketing List View in the relevant CRM Solution and open the view.

2. Click on Edit Filter Criteria on the right hand side

3. Delete Owner condition

4. Add a new condition - Owner Equals Current User

5. Add a second new condition - Owner Equals Current User's Team

6. Select the two conditions and click on Group OR

7. Click OK

8. Save the View

9. Publish CRM Solution

10. Close Outlook if you have it open and reopen Outlook 11. Navigate to the CRM component in Outlook 12. Navigate to the Marketing List and the Lists Associated with Owner View should load without an error


I assessed the current situation in CRM - the Marketing List View of "Lists Associated to Owner" was set as the Default Public View for the entity where the out-of-the-box default filter criteria was changed from Owner Equals Current User to Owner Equal Current User of User's Team.When I discovered this I decided to use the same criteria in another entity view to check whether the same error would occur in the CRM 2013 Outlook Client. The error was reproduced and I don't think there was anything incorrect that was applied as it works in the web client so reported it to Microsoft.

Luckily, there is a workaround for this particular error that was experienced when navigating to an entity view int he CRM 2013 Outlook Client. This has been outlined earlier and in my vlog.

There are other times when you will come across "CRM Failed to Load" in the CRM Outlook Client and your scenario may not match this one that has been explained but there are other blog posts that may relate to your scenario. To get you started here are a few:

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