Monday, 19 February 2018

Increasing the field label length beyond the 100 characters limit in Dynamics Portals

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Dynamics Portals surfaces Dynamics 365 entity forms that are linked to a Dynamics Portals Entity Form or Web Form Step. Whatever you configure in the Dynamics 365 entity form will show on Dynamics Portals. Therefore you are abiding to the Dynamics 365 configuration principles.

By default the field label in Dynamics 365 fields is limited to 100 characters including spaces. This is true however as seen in my previous vlog, there's some nifty tricks you can do with Dynamics Portals. 

This time round I'm sharing with you all on how you can increase the field label length in Dynamics Portals without being in conflict of the Dynamics 365 field label limit of 100 characters. 

Show me this magic

Web Form Metadata! I love this feature of Dynamics Portals. There's different things you can do by applying Web Form Metadata to a Dynamics Portals Entity Form or Web Form Step.

To change a field label of a Dynamics 365 field for a Dynamics Portals Entity Form or Web Form Step, 
  • Create a Metadata record
  • Set the Type to Attribute
  • Select the field of the label you want to increase 

In the "Label" section this is where you can insert your long field label that is beyond the 100 character limit.

Once you update the value for the Dynamics 365 field using the Web Form Metadata, the text entered will appear in Dynamics Portals. You won't cross paths with the default Dynamics 365 behaviour of  the 100 characters limit in field labels.


Web Form Metadata will allow the length of a field label to be increased for a Dynamics Portals Entity Form or a Web Form Step. You simply select the field that needs to have an increased field label and away you go!!! Awesome sauce.

Till next time, toodles.


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