Monday, 18 June 2018

Preventing users from seeing the profile form after signing into Dynamics Portals

Like Dynamics 365, when you provision Dynamics Portals there's features that already exist so you can hit the ground running. One of these features which I often get asked about when working on a project with clients is "Can you change the sign experience where users don't see the profile form after they sign in?"

The current behaviour is after a user successfully signs into Dynamics Portals they are presented with the profile form. This is valid when the registration is "open" where any member of the public can create a log in account for themselves.

When creating an account with Dynamics Portals the only details asked are
  • Email
  • Username
  • Password
  • Confirm Password
Therefore it make sense for user to see the Profile form immediately after signing in to provide further details on their First Name and Last Name etc.

However in the scenario where registration for Dynamics Portals is invite only which is valid for some clients, then they shouldn't be directed to the profile form. Why? When sending an invitation to an individual to Dynamics Portals it's usually against a Contact where you already have details such as the First Name and Last Name in Dynamics 365.

To find out how to prevent users in seeing the profile form after singing into Dynamics Portals checkout my vlog.


The site setting to update in Dynamics 365 for Dynamics Portals is "Authentication/Registration/ProfileRedirectEnabled"

By default this is set to true. 

Update this to false. 

When you next sign into Dynamics Portals, the user experience is that they will be directed to the Home page. Ta da!


You can prevent users in seeing the profile form after signing into Dynamics Portals by simply updating a Site Setting. Zero code needed.

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