Thursday, 8 May 2014

A simple approval process in CRM 2013

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At the beginning of this year I did some R&D where the challenge was to come up with a simple approval process using configuration, zero development. I used some of the new and cool features which you'll see in my vlog post.

What I did:

1) Created four custom fields
  • Quote generated - two option
  • Request approval - two option
  • Approved - two option, enabled field security
  • Approved By - Lookup to User entity
2) Copied one of the out-of-the-box Business Process Flows and removed the Proposal Stage. Created a Quote stage where the steps used three of the custom fields.

3) Added Approved and Approved By fields to the Opportunity form in a new section called "Approvers Only."

5) Created two Field Security Profiles, one for the Approver of the Opportunity and the other for an everyday end user to allow/not allow update of the Approved field.

6) Created two real-time workflows
  • Email sent to the Approver when someone requests for approval
  • Email sent to the Opportunity Owner when the Approver approves the Opportunity
Pretty basic and utilized some of the new and cool CRM 2013 functionality.

Please note that this is a simple approval process. In the scenario where there is multiple approvers required or different iterations of approval is required, consult with your IT partner as they will need to understand the process in order to come up with a more suitable solution.

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Happy reading :)