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Allowing users to apply filters in Dynamics Portals

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When you're shopping online you usually have the option to apply filters such as shoe size, colour or dress style. Users have the control of narrowing down what they would like to see from the list. Filters can be applied in Dynamics Portals which is what I go through in this quick tip vlog.

How to configure filters in Entity Lists

A view in Dynamics Portals is displayed through the combination of an Entity List and Web Page.
In an Entity List there's a section called Metadata Filter. In here is where you can configure the filters for the list.

  1. Enabled - tick this checkbox
  2. Orientation - how the filter appears in the list view, either horizontally or vertically
  3. Apply Button Label - you can have a custom label that the user sees to prompt them to click the button for their filters to be applied
  4. Filters - these are the options available for the definition of the filters. In my vlog I use Lookup Set as my columns currently displayed are Lookup fields. The filter I applied is by Kingdom
Note: You can apply more than one filter. In my vlog I added another filter that allows users to filter by Program.

Review your filter

Time to test. Browse to the web page of the entity list in your Dynamics Portals and check that the filters you have defined is working. If you are using check boxes as the selection mode, your users can select more than one filter


Filters for Dynamics Portals is a simple configuration exercise, no code is needed to provide this type of functionality.

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