Sunday, 3 December 2017

Quick Tip: resolving blank page when clearing cache in Dynamics Portals

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Whenever I do testing for Dynamics projects, I tend to do it in the context of the user of the user story. When testing as the user role, you're ensuring that the acceptance criteria of the user story has been met. Usually with Dynamics Portals there will be Web Roles that are created and assigned to portal users as there can be more than one user role interacting with the portal.

The behaviour that follows when testing in Dynamics Portals is to often delete test records or tweak a user experience by changing a configuration and repeat the testing steps. With Dynamics Portals, you browse to a particular page that allows you to clear the cache so that the latest changes can be in-sync with Dynamics 365. However sometimes you see a blank page. This use to confuse me when I did my testing when I first transitioned from Adxstudio Portals to Dynamics Portals.

Wondering why? This is what I explain in my quick tip vlog. Check it out.

As seen in my vlog, if you browse to you may encounter seeing a blank page. This is because you're logged in as a portal user that does not have the administrator web role due to testing in the context of the user of the user story. Simply either log in as a user with the Dynamics Portals administrator web role or temporarily assign the administrator web role to the user you are testing as and immediately remove it afterwards.

Thanks for checking out my quick tip. Till next time, toodles.


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