First of all thanks for visiting or following my blog. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Often customers I work with that have had no previous experience with CRM find it all daunting. Not to fear - this is why I have created this blog to help educate newcomers to CRM or existing CRM users to be more comfortable and eventually be a pro at CRM!

My aim is to reach out to all users of CRM as well as advanced CRM users. There may be terminology I refer to from time to time that may not make sense such as "out-of-the-box" or "customisations" and I will try my best to explain these however most of the time I will assume that viewers understand these terms from other fellow CRM blogger posts they may have come across. For advanced CRM users, there may be some tricks that you are not aware of which you'll discover in my posts.

One of the things that gets raised constantly with customers I work with is changing either the look and feel or standard CRM functionality. Like any other Microsoft product such as Word or Excel, there's only certain things you can change. Since it's an "off the shelf" product, your IT vendor/partner can only provide changes to a certain extent as it is Microsoft IP. Otherwise there'd be so many corrupt versions of Microsoft Word out there where basic functionality is not working! On the flip side, it's still great of Microsoft to allow CRM to be customised to a certain level. Better than zero flexibility like other products out there. CRM is always evolving and if you do want a specific change you can always raise them directly in the product channel. Select "Join" for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Also a shout out to Ben Hosk who gave me the final step of encouragement to blog.

Anyways, enjoy your time surfing through my posts and watching my videos. Hope you learn something from me.



I'm Melbourne, Australia-based and work for a startup consulting company called Barhead. I have experience with CRM 4.0, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2016 and Dynamics 365. I previously worked in New Zealand in good old Wellington for another Microsoft Partner where I initially started out as a Sales Analyst using CRM 4.0 and then eventually moved to a client-facing role.

You can find me exploring local hidden haunts of Melbourne, indulging in food and strolling through laid back neighbourhoods during the weekends.