Sunday, 22 July 2018

Hiding the Contact preferences in the Profile web form of Dynamics 365 Portals

When you provision Dynamics 365 Portals, there's a lot of configuration that's already set up so that you can hit the ground running. One of the configuration that's available on the Profile web form is the Contact preferences displayed as check boxes.

Usually this is asked to be removed whenever I work with clients as they prefer to have an email only subscription method such as embedding a ClickDimensions Subscriptions page in Dynamics 365 Portals. There's no need to ask how to get in touch with Contact other than email.

When I first started on Adxstudio Portals I automatically assumed it would be in the Contact Profile entity form however it's not displayed in a section on the form. 

So how do you it? Well my grasshoppers, in this vlog and blog post I cover how to hide the Contact preferences using in the Profile web form configuration only. Checkout my vlog below.


What's behind the Contact preferences configuration is the following
  • Content Snippets 
  • Site Settings 
To hide the Contact preferences check boxes, simply update the Site Setting of  "Profile/ShowMarketingOptionsPanel" by updating the value from true to false.

Refresh the Profile web page in Dynamics 365 Portals and you're good to go. Hooray!


To hide the Contact preferences in the Profile web form of Dynamics 365 Portals, update the Site Setting Record and refresh the Profile web page. Ta-da! Simple and configuration only.

Till next time, toodles.