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The following are other blogs worth checking out,

Ben Hosk - http://crmbusiness.wordpress.com/
Ben also vlogs but what I like is that he references top blog posts for the weeks. I can see other blog posts through one source that outline very useful information.

A New Zealander (go kiwis!) based in the UK that has great dev posts. Works for a company I tried to get into in 2012.

Donna Edwards - http://edwardsdna.com/
Love her work and she recently rounded up other CRM professionals in a Google Hangout video to discuss the takeaways from Convergence 2014.

Jukka Niiranen - http://niiranen.eu/crm/
Two words - the man. Find out why by checking out his blog. His posts are original and too good that a certain company copy and pasted his blog post. Jukka's blog craftmanship is outstanding.

Chris Cognetta - http://cognettacloud.com/
I've checked out Chris' blogs over the years and he provides good insights into CRM.
This was one of the first blogs I came across when I started out in 2009. I find his blogs easy to understand. He has a 2012 blog post that explains managed and non-managed solutions very well, it's my fav post of his. I always divert new CRM developers or CRM functional consultants currently in-learning to it so that they understand the differences.

Develop 1 Limited Bloghttp://www.develop1.net/public/
I think Scott Durow is the person behind this blog. I do find the blog posts helpful for my super star CRM developers I work with. In particular, the Asynchronous loading of JavaScript in CRM 2013 post.

Stephanus Natawardaja - http://snataw.wordpress.com/
Stephanus is approachable and knowledgable as a CRM developer. He has experience with Microsoft SharePoint, integration with Microsoft AX and all rounder .NET dude. We worked together previously when I was with my former NZ company.

Urlik Carlsson - http://crmchartguy.wordpress.com/
The blog name says it all. Has exceptional posts about how to modify the FetchXML for charts to make it more meaningful for an organisation. This is my go-to blog during the analysis and/or development phase of a project if a dashboard is required by the customer I'm working with.

There are of plenty of other awesome CRM bloggists out there so feel free to search for them.

Also who knows, I may [stop] collaborate [and listen...] with these fellow bloggists one day.


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